Dillon Francis reveals release date for new album


Coming back from a few crazy weekends at Ultra Music Festival & more recently Coachella, Dillon Francis is not calming down yet. If anything the festivals gave him more life as he makes it known on twitter & facebook. So much so that he releases his Daft Punk trap remix for free! Even with his Chromeo remix still hot being released only a week before.

No genre is safe when Dillon Francis is at his “bedside studio”. In a hilarious interview with Power 96 on a balcony overlooking Ultra, Dillon discusses his upcoming album, which he says is for sure being released in July with the title Money Sucks, Friends Rule. This title seems true to Dillons lifestyle as he just gave away his Daft Punk remix for his fans as I mentioned earlier; and all his hilarious antics with his fellow dj friends for example, more recently, shooting a hilarious trailer for Hard Summer 2014, where Dillon is scheduled to play as well! So this album should be a game changer, with collaborations with Twista, and even Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco. I can’t wait to see what random styles Dillon put together for his debut album. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Check out the full interview below!

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