It is better to be for something good, rather than against something negative.
Ever Evolved promotes Quality Creative Music, Art and Ideas that resonates with and motivates the mind, body and soul.
We promote, create and become apart of the music and artists we love so much. We are the next generation; Let us inspire equal, free and a creative living in the human spirit.

The mission of Ever Evolved is to inspire and promote ambition and creativity in everyday life. To do away with genres and labels that only restrict the creative mind. To combine music & arts with the soul to pump any listeners ears with the most organic and authentic sounds and lyrics.

Based in Chicago, Ever Evolved wants to bring together local artists and producers to collaborate and share ideas to help each other reach goals and combine their creative talents. This goal is to spread new music and art locally & globally among existing and up and coming artists and producers. An opportunity to share with the world their creative imaginations, manifested through music and art.


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Music news for the creative mind. Chicago Based.

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